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~Welcome to OPPU~

OPPU, Mar 15, 11 4:06 AM.

Who are we?:

First and foremost, OPPU is not an Uthgard guild. We are a multi realm web based collective of DAOC Uthgard RvR enthusiasts who wish to unite and communicate in an effort to spark and foster an enjoyable, ACTIVE, growing (off-peak) RvR environment/community on our beloved server of Uthgard!! If you are an off peak (typically non European based) player who is unhappy or unsatisfied with the current RvR situation on Uthgard during the "off-peak" RvR hours of (GMT Pacific) 3:00pm to 2:00am, sign up for our forum and start getting involved in making your RvR experience rewarding and enjoyable!

What do we want?:

The mission of OPPU is to simply create RvR action and during our "normal" RvR times (US/Canadian late afternoon/evening/late night time period) with the limited number of players we are working with -- as this server is a EU server and we play at off peak times. In the process of creating this enjoyable enjoyable environment, we hope ultimately hope to help foster a building off peak player population in the process, and thus make Uthgard an enjoyable home for players all over the globe 24 hours a day.

How to get involved:

Just make a guild portal account if you already dont have one, click the join button, fill out the basic info, and wait for approval! You'll likely be added within 24-48 hours max. Enjoy!
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